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Our commitment begins and ends with you, our customers. With the aim to deliver unmatched selection, quality and value, we stock products for both the tourists as well as the local people.

Our History

We purchased what had been McGill’s of Ardara, that remained a landmark for around a century from Bosco McGill in the year 2006.

All Kinds Of Everything enhanced the product range after it took over. Today, it is home to jewellery, watches, books, cards, gifts, toys and fishing tackle, meeting the need of both the tourists as well as the people inhabiting the region.

In other words, all the members of the family can get something under one roof. Excited?

How Did All Kinds Of Everything Get Its Name?

Coming across the wide offering, a staff member pointed out its similarity to the song, “All Kinds of Everything” sung by Dana. Well, the shop stocks something for each family member. Nothing can be better than a phrase that perfectly captures the objective of the shop!